Baseball in Kosovo

Not a country many of us are familiar with.  It is also a country that is not familiar with baseball.  Michael Johnstone would like you to go to his website, introducing you to Kosovo.  In return he hopes to introduce the sport of baseball to Kosovo.

Some of the things they need in Kosovo to get started is baseball equipment.  It is a country that was torn apart by wars a decade ago with Yugoslavia, which treated Kosovo as their own but had conflicts with the largely Albanian population.  Slobodan Milosevic and others were prosecuted for war crimes for the actions they took against the Albanians in Kosovo.

As Kosovo develops as a country their ability to engage in sports is limited.  Earning incoming and creating jobs is the first step in their development.  Leisure activities come later.  Soccer and basketball are currently the most popular sports in Kosovo, but if Michael Johnstone has his way he would like to add baseball to that love. To start any training he will have to be satisfied with converting soccer fields to baseball fields to begin this training.

To assist in this venture he has provided an open invitation to any players or coaches to help with the teaching.  Don’t expect any financial motivations.  Any teachings will have to be done with the heart.  The one caveat is they are a Christian organization.  With more than 90 percent in the country practicing Islam, this could create a challenge in itself.  It would be nice if they could teach the sport without forcing the students to change their religious beliefs. There is room in this world for many sports as there is room in this world for many religions, and those who prefer to just worhip Karma.

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