Top 100 Most Influential Canadians in Baseball

Some interesting choices and influential names that I never really thought were Canadian.  Do not expect to see a lot of players on this list.  The first player does not appear on the top 100 list until you get to John Axford at number 7.  There are a lot of scouts, writers and statisitcal analysts.  MLB Trade rumors gets 2,300,605 page views per day and a couple of their writers are Canadian.  Myworld has a ways to go before we hit that category, but one can always set goals.

The top Canadian for 2011 is Greg Hamilton.  Most of us in the United States are probably not familair with that name.  Greg Hamilton is the man responsible for putting together the men’s national teams for their games in the Baseball World Cup and the Pan Am games.  He did a pretty good job, achieving better results than the United States team in 2011, finishing with a 18-6 record with a third place finish in the World Cup and a gold medal finish in the Pan Am games.  The gold medal was the first by a Canadian baseball team since 1991, when a junior team won the honors.  The United States team did not fare as well, finishing tied for third in the World Cup, but going home without medals because of the tiebreaker and losing to the Canadians in the finals of the Pan Am.

Others on the list that could surprise you include Doug Melvin (2), general manager of the Milwaukee Brewers and Pat Gillick (5), Hall of Famer.  I never pictured these gentleman as Canadians, though I suppose I may have read it somewhere and it just never fully registered.  Their Canadian heritage may have been recognized at one point but became buried in a sea of winter league players and minor league prospects that myworld tries to keep track of.  It is easy for Tyler Green to become Taylor Green and vice versa.

Claude Delorme comes in at number 11.  The Ontario native appears to have left the cold of Canada to oversee the new stadium of the Miami Marlins. He was the point man in all the negotiations and is vice president of stadium operations.

You also have some Canadians that have part ownership in some of the major league baseball teams not named the Toronto Blue Jays. Jeffrey Roger from Toronto owns 30 percent of the Arizona Diamondbacks while Jeff Mallett a British Colombia native is part owner of the San Francisco Giants. They rank 21st and 22nd on the list.

There are many other surprises in there that I had no idea were Canadaian such as Hazel Mae (79) from the MLB network and Ted Giannoulas (84) who will always be remembered as the San Diego Chicken. Myworld doesn’t see too much of the San Diego Chicken anymore, at least not since we moved to the east coast.  You can see the complete list at

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