Group E and F Finals

Group E

Japan 4 Italy 0

Japan got their third straight shutout in Group E competition. Despite that it had to be disappointing for them not to qualify for the Group D battles. Four different Japanese pitchers combined to limit the Italian team to four hits.

Germany 6 Australia 5

A nice win for Germany, their second in the second round of the Group E games. Florian Seidel pitched two plus innings of relief to get the win, shutting down the Australian bats on just one hit. Six different German players contributed to the win with one RBI each.

Brazil 8 Argentina 3

Brazil took second place in Group E with their win. They scored eight runs in the fifth to get the win, accomplishing it with only three hits. Argentina only made three errors in the game, but all of them came in that nightmare of a fifth inning.

Group F

Czech Republic 10 Lithuania 5

Czech Republic won the Group F round with their win over the winless Lithuania team. The Czech Republic came back with six in the fifth inning to overcome a 4-0 deficit to take the victory. Krystof Kozac worked six plus innings of relief to get the win.

Guatemala 12 New Zealand 1

Guatemala surprised everyone with their pummeling of New Zealand to take second place in Group F. Gerson Garcia banged out three hits perched from his leadoff spot and Bryan Flores drove in three runs. Jose Lopez pitched six plus innings to get the win. Perhaps some major league scouts witnessed the accomplishments of this team.

South Africa 10 Hong Kong 0

Keagan Lazarus worked six plus innings to pick up the win. The South African team stole ten bases to match their ten runs.

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