Australia World Cup Roster

Outlook - The good news is that they have more players on the major league roster than at any time in their history.  The bad news is that they can not use these players for the World Cup.  The roster has enough veteran Australian League players and minor leaguers that they should be competetive.  A top three is not in the cards though.

World Cup Record - 39-56

Top Three Finishes - None

Best Player - Dave Nilsson.  He had a nice career as a catcher for the Milwaukee Brewers from 1992 to 1999.  He is the only Australian ever to appear in a major league All Star game, appearing in 1999, his last year in the major leagues.  He retired from the major leagues in order to play for Australia in the Olympics in 2000.  He also played for them in 2004 when they won a silver medal.  Greame Lloyd is a distant second, but he will be accompanying the team as an assistant coach.

Roster: The numbers below are their Australian League numbers

Catcher: Matthew Kennelly (Perth .306, 2, 24), Joel Naughton (Brisbane, injured - .300, 0, 1), Allan de San Miguel (Perth, .283, 5, 14)

First Base: Justin Huber (Melbourne, .229, 9, 29), Stefan Welch (.201, 7, 25)

Middle Infield:James Beresford (Melbourne, .404, 0, 6), Scott Wearne (Melbourne, .270, 4, 18)

Third Base: Brad Harman (DNP, suspended)

Outfield: Thomas Brice(Adelaide, .314, 7, 26), Mitchell Dening (Sydney, .201, 4, 19), David Kandilas (Sydney, .274, 0, 10), Timothy Kennelly (Perth, .245, 4, 14)

Left Handed Pitcher: Steve Kent (Canberra, 0-3, 10.66), Paul Mildren (Adelaide, 2-6, 4.58), Clayton Tanner (DNP - Reds)

Right Handed Pitcher: Hayden Beard (Canberra, 0-1, 3.12, 2 saves), Justin Erasmus (Brisbane, 0-3, 6.38), Kable Hogben (DNP - Diamondbacks), Chris Oxspring (Sydney, 4-2, 2.23), Andrew Russell (Melbourne/Braves, DNP), Dushan Ruzic (Adelaide, 5-2, 4.07), Ryan Searle (Brisbane, 0-4, 5.77), Todd Van Steensel (Sydney, 0-1, 7.94), Brendan Wise (Perth, 0-0, 0.00, 3 saves)

Players to Watch - Brad Harman is a veteran major leaguer who was suspended for a doping violation in 2010.  He played for the Phillies briefly as a utility player.  Justin Huber is a slugger who played for the Royals in the major leagues and played briefly in Japan.  He should be their big slugger.  The ace of the staff should be Chris Oxspring, who almost won the ERA crown in the Australian League.  He was second to David Welch. Brendan Wise should be their closer.

Strange Fact - Justin Erasmus played for the South African team in the World Baseball Classic, but he grew up in Australia.

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