Blue Jays 2014 Domestic Draft Team

Myworld is taking a look at all the major league teams to see what kind of 25-man roster they could field if they only relied on the players selected from the domestic draft and nothing else to stock their team. Only current major leaguers are considered for the 25 man roster. Realistically, some players would extend their career because without foreign players a job could still be available and others who never were called up could fill the empty positions. The Blue Jays have had some success drafting catchers, but they lack superstars at any of their positions. The one potential superstar they did draft but did not sign was Kris Bryant (2010 - 18th round) who went on to star for University of San Diego. Otherwise this a collection of role players with few all stars and even holes at some positions, which explains their drop from annual playoff contention.

Catchers - Yan Gomes (2009 - 10th round) may be from Brazil, but he went to school here and the Blue Jays drafted him but traded him to Cleveland before they recognized his talents. They also gave up on J.P. Arencibia (2007 - first round) who showed a lot of power but whose average resided below the Mendoza line (under .200). Erik Kratz (2002 - 29th round) or Drew Butera (2002 - 48th round) would be typical backups though Drew never signed with the team.

First Base - Adam Lind (2004 - third round) is the only true firstbaseman drafted by the Blue Jays. Travis Snider (2006 - first round) could be taught to play this position.

Second Base - Aaron Hill (2003 - first round) is a power hitting player for this position and one of two all stars. Tyler Pastornicky (2008 - 5th round) would be a utility player to bounce between short and second.

Shortstop - Except the Jays have not drafted a player who plays this position that has any major league creds to his resume who is still active.

Third Base - Another dark hole in the lineup, unless Ryan Roberts (2003 - 18th round) is playing somewhere.

Left Field - Erick Thames (2008 - 7th round) is hitting long balls in Korea and Reed Johnson (1999 - 17th round) is a fourth outfielder type who could rotate along all the outfield positions. Snider would also play here if not asked to play first base.

Centerfield - Jake Marisnick (2009 - third round) would provide excellent defense but his bat is not ready yet.

Right Field - Alex Rios (1999 - first round) would be the second position all star on this team.

Starting Pitcher - Ugh. A lot of starters turned relievers that may never have turned to the bullpen because of a lack of alternatives here. Ricky Romero (2005 - first round) is a starter in name only. Brett Cecil (2007 - first round) and Marc Rzepczynski (2007 - 5th round) are other names the Blue Jays could put here. Two youngsters Aaron Sanchez (2010 - second round) and Marcus Stroman (2012 - first round) would easily find room here by default as well as a young wave which would include Daniel Norris, Noah Syndergaard and Justin Nicolino who have yet to see the major leagues. Unfortunately for the Jays two of those three have been traded.

Relief Pitching - A number of ex-closers on this team, including Chad Qualls (1997 - 52nd round) who was never signed by the Blue Jays, Brando League (2001 - second round) and Casey Janssen (2004 - fourth round). Arm problems put Dustin McGowan (2000 - first round) in the bullpen. Danny Farquhar (2008 - 10th round) is the last bullpen arm.

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