Petit Retires 46 in a Row for Major League Record

Myworld watched Yusmeiro Petit retire 13 batters in a row in what proved to be a Washington Nationals blow out. We didn’t think too much of the accomplishment until we read where his streak had gone beyond what would be a perfect game 27 batters in a row. Now his record streak has reached 46 consecutive hitters retired over eight appearances. That is just eight short of back to back perfect games.

Mark Buehrle held the previous record retiring 45 batters in a row. He did that over two outings. Petit has achieved his record appearing in eight games. The record finally ended when he gave up a hit to opposing pitcher Jordan Lyles.

Petit does not possess tools scouts would fight over with a fastball in the high 80s. At 29 years old he is putting up the numbers journeyman pitchers normally put up, except the 45 outs in a row has enhanced his major league status.

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