The 200 mile per hour fastball

It’s actually only 186 miles per hour. The Japanese do some fun things. They developed a pitching maching to throw a 186 mile per hour fastball and they brought in a professional player to hit against the machine. It is in Japanese, but I’m assuming the Japanese player was not told the speed of the pitch.

It is surprising they had this hitter swing at the pitch without a helmet on. First they had him swing at a few pedestrian pitches and he hit them pretty well. Then they told him they were going to give him a bit more of a challenge with more velocity to the pitch. To see his reaction when the ball whizzes past him is funny. He cocked his bat forward but the pitch had already hit the backstop before he could even think about moving his bat any further. He also put his bat out there to try to bunt the pitch but he couldn’t even accomplish that.

To see the video you can go here:

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