Playoff Teams Decided in NPB

In the NPB the playoff teams have been pretty much decided. It would take double digit winning streaks combined with double digit losing streaks for a fourth place team to move forward. The order of those playoff teams still needs to be determined. In Japan, the team with the better record gets home field advantage for all the games as well as gets awarded one victory before the series even begins. It is a big hole for a lesser team to overcome.

In the Central Division the Yomiuri Giants have won the division and will get the home field advantage in the Climax Series. The two wild card teams will be the Hiroshima Carp and Hanshin Tigers. Those two teams are currently tied with each other.

In the Pacific Division the Softbank Hawks and Orix Buffaloes are fighting to take the top spot. The Nippon Ham Fighters are far behind the two top teams and will have to travel to the loser of that division race to play the wild card series.

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