Yasmany Thomas Signs with Diamondbacks

Major league baseball seems to do a pretty good job of distributing the Cuban and Japanese players to the various major league clubs. It is probably not by design but by the nature of the player and teams not wanting to flood their roster with too many players of one type. It seems there is always one new team to step up and sign this foreign free agent. The Arizona Diamondbacks now have a Cuban reject on their team, stepping up to shell out $68.5 million for six years. Don’t know what attracted Yasmany to the Arizona area. If Yasmany is not happy with the direction the Diamondbacks are heading or the value of the contract he can opt out after four years.

Thomas has big time power but may swing and miss a lot. His defense is probably better geared for left field, though reports seem to indicate he has the arm for right. The Diamondbacks will probably have him play in AAA for a month or so to allow him to get his timing back after being inactive for over a year. It should not take him long to arrive with the major league team.

As a five year veteran of the National Series, the professional league in Cuba, Thomas is exempt from any international slot penalty. He played for the Industriales Leones, hitting 20 homeruns a couple years ago. Those figures dropped to 15 and finally to 6 last year. He has a .289 career average in the Cuban League and probably has too much swing and miss with his bat.

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