Premiere 12 Decided

The 12 teams will play for one million dollars in the first ever baseball tournament in which the top 12 teams will compete for the number one spot in the standings. Japan recently was voted the top team, vaulting over the United States after their second place finish in the Under 21 tournament. The dates for the tournament have not been established, but to get the best of the best it will more than likely be played in November, after the Asian professional seasons and the major league season has ended.

The top 12 teams in order of their ranking are 1) Japan, 2) United States, 3) Cuba, 4)Taiwan, 5) Netherlands, 6) Dominican Republic, 7) Canada, 8) Korea 9) Puerto Rico 10) Venezuela, 11) Italy and 12) Mexico.

After this first tournament, the Premier 12 will be played every four years, with the next tournament being 2019. That is a year before the qualifying rounds for the World Baseball Classic and two years before the World Baseball Classic. It will be interesting to see what the attendance for these games will be like. The attendance will be influenced by the participants who choose to play for each team.

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