Rose Has Hope for Reinstatement with Tsao Signing by Dodgers

Don’t know the message major league baseball is trying to communicate. Major league baseball has banned Pete Rose for gambling on baseball. The CPBL has banned Chin-Hsui Tsao because of his association with gamblers and willingness to influence games for payment. The Dodgers have signed Tsao to a minor league contract with the approval of major league baseball.

Pete Rose should now petition major league baseball. If they are going to allow a player banned by Taiwan for gambling on baseball to play in the major leagues, then why can’t Rose be reinstated. Or is only gambling on major league baseball the issue here. If you gamble on baseball in another country you are still allowed to play major league baseball.

There seems to be a double standard applied to Tsao and Pete Rose. It doesn’t pass the smell test, unless they plan on now reinstating Rose.

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