Perez Plays All Positions In Venezuelan Winter League Game

The Caribes, who have already clinched a spot for the round robin had some fun today in their 4-3 win over Magallanes. Tomas Perez played every position in the field.

He started the game at first base where he made two putouts and moved to catcher for the second inning. After getting two outs in the inning, one on a strikeout he moved to second base. In the third inning he played third base. Nothing was hit to him at second or third.

To start the fourth Perez moved to the outfield, stationing himself in left field. In the fifth he slid over to centerfield where he watched Jose Briceno hit a homerun over his head. The sixth inning found him sliding over to right field where he fielded a single. Other than the homerun and the single the Magallanes hitters ignored him in the outfield.

The seventh inning found him positioned at shortstop. He watched Briceno sail his second homerun of the game into left field but his only real action at the position was a successful steal by Nick Benedetto.

The challenge came in the eighth where he took the mound. He got Andres Blanco to fly out to left. After hitting Ronny Cedeno he was replaced on the mound where he headed back to the bench before he could do any more damage.

It was an interesting box score with players having to move to a number of different positions to accomodate the position switches by Perez. You can see the box score of the game below:


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