Countries and Their Links to Major League Teams

Interesting article in Fangraphs you can read at the link below. Because of scouting expenses certain teams are better focused in specific countries. Some of the highlights from the article:

Once Ichiro Suzuki plays a game for the Miami Marlins the Reds will be the only team not to have a player born in Japan on their roster.

Since 1998 to 2014 the Nationals and Royals used the most players from the Dominican Republic on their roster with 52. The Orioles were second at 51. This surprises me since myworld does not recall the Orioles having a lot of Dominicans on their roster. At the bottom were the Angels and Athletics.

For Venezuela the top team is the Seattle Mariners, followed by the Detroit Tigers. The two teams at the bottom are the Cardinals and Athletics.

For Cuba the Yankees take the top spot. Two teams, the Rays and Braves fall one behind. The Astros have yet to have a Cuban player appear on their roster with the Angels and Indians having one apiece.

The Padres rule with Mexico as is to be expected followed by the Rockies. The Dodgers fall five players behind the Padres in fifth. The Giants have only had one player from Mexico on their roster with four teams having two.

In Japan the Mets reign supreme by a clear majority with the Red Sox and Mariners falling three players behind. The Reds and Marlins have not had a Japanese player appear on their roster, though Ichiro will change that this season. The only Japanese player to appear with the Orioles is Koji, though I recall Tsuyoshi Wada on the roster, and possibly even called up but he may not have made an appearance in the major leagues while with the O’s because of Tommy John.

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