18 and Under Teams and Dates

The 18 and under tournament will be played on August 28 to September 6 in Koshien Stadium in Japan. The United States has won the last two 18 and under tournaments. Koshien has a tendency to sell out their 47,000 seat stadium for their two big high school tournaments in the spring and the fall. The kids competing in this tournament will meet that high school age, so good attendance would certainly lift the baseball trademark as an international sport.

Below are the teams competing in the tournament with their world ranking in parenthesis:

Japan (1), United States (2), Cuba (3), Taiwan (4), Canada (7), South Korea (8), Italy (11), Mexico (12), Australia (14), Brazil (15), Czech Republic (20), and South Africa (29)

The 2013 roster for Australia featured Lewis Thorpe, Zac Sheperd and Lachlan Madden, all players who could make myworld’s top ten Australian prospect list.

Canada had Gareth Morgan, Josh Naylor and Demi Orimoloye, all top draft choices in the major league draft.

Cuba had Vladimir Gutierrez and Yoan Moncada. Yoan just signed for the Red Sox for a record $33 million bonus. Vladimir recently defected after making the Cuban team for the Series del Caribe and will sign a rich contract once he is eligible.

Italy trotted out Marten Gasparini, now a top prospect with the Royals who signed a $1.3 million bonus, the richest contract for any European.

Japan had Yuki Matsui, who is now pitching for the Rakuten Golden Eagles

And the championship United States team had Brady Aiken, who was the first player selected in the draft last year, but did not sign, Jacob Nix, who was drafted in the fourth round by the Astros, but did not sign because they could not agree to a contract with Aiken and Luis Ortiz, a first round pick of the Rangers.

There may be more that myworld could have missed, but in essence watch the stars of the future play today at Koshien stadium in August/September.

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