KBO Changes

There will be some changes in the Korean Baseball Organization (KBO), the big one being a new team entering the fray. The KT Wiz will be the tenth team, ending the three day byes teams had with an uneven nine teams last year. The number of games will also be increased from 128 to 144.

With the addition of one more team in the league the playoff structure has been tweaked. Now the fifth place team will qualify for the playoffs, almost imitating major league baseball with a one game playoff if the fourth place team wins. The fourth place team starts the best of three series up one game to zero. If the fifth place team wins the two will play another game and the fifth place team will have to win a second game to advance in the playoffs. The fourth place team will be the home team in both games. The winner of the division still has to wait until the final playoff team is whittled down in a fifth versus fourth, then the winner versus the third place team and finally the winner versus the second place team.

The roster for the KBO has been expanded from 26 to 27. Of those 27 only 25 can play in that day’s game. The Wiz being an expansion team is allowed a 28 man roster, of which 26 can play in that day’s game.

Also, in an attempt to speed up the game once a hitter steps into the batter’s box he must always keep at least one foot inside the box. If he steps outside the box he will be fined the equivalent of $180. Myworld believes some exceptions are allowed but they were not disclosed, such as a hitter fouling the ball off their foot, or having to go back to the dugout to retrieve a new bat if their current bat is broken after a foul ball.

If a batter is hit by a pitch he must run to first base before taking off his gear. Pitching changes must also be completed in two minutes and 30 seconds.

You can read more on the KBO changes at the link below, courtesy of myKBO.net. The season begins Saturday.

KBO changes

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