MLB Top Ten Franchises

The New York Yankees are tied with the Dallas Cowboys as the top valued sports franchise in the United States valued at $3.2 billion according to Forbes. The top franchise in the world is the Spanish soccer club Real Madrid, valued at $3.44 billion. The total value for all major league baseball franchises is $36 million. The average revenue per team was estimated at $262 million, most of it due to increased television revenue.

1. New York Yankees $3.2 billion
2. Los Angeles Dodgers $2.4 billion
3. Boston Red Sox $2.1 billion
4. San Francisco Giants $2 billion
5. Chicago Cubs $1.8 billion
6. St. Louis Cardinals $1.4 billion
7. New York Mets $1.35 billion
8. Los Angeles Angels $1.3 billion
9. Washington Nationals $1.28 billion
10. Philadelphia Phillies $1.25 billion

The team who is last on the list is the Tampa Bay Rays at $625 million. For the complete list see the link below:

Forbes top ten franchises

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