Louisville Bat Factory

Myworld killed another bucket list requirement, visiting the Louisville bat factory. The actual tour is about an hour. There is a small museum that can be walked through in half an hour. So if you have to manage your time count on an hour and a half to finish the tour.

The tour actually shows the manufacturing of the bats. No photos can be taken once inside the manufacturing facility. Most of the work is automated now. Once it took a person around 30 minutes to make a solidly crafted bat, now a machine can do the same thing in 20 seconds. There are still a few repetitious manual acts that need to be done, like placing a bat on a stand to begin the branding process and dipping the bat in a lacquer and hanging it up for drying.

Ed Rousch of the Cincinnati Reds carried the heaviest bat at about 49 ounces. Most bats are between 31-33 ounces. Cal Ripken used a bat that was 35 ounces. Most players now use the lighter bats to give them greater velocity in their swing. The major leaguers, who are making millions of dollars get their bats provided to them for free, while minor leaguers, who are making much less money have to pay for their bats. There seems to be something unfair about that process.

About a block away from the Louisville bat factory is a giant golden colored Roman standing in all his nakedness, his genitals hanging out for all to see. I’m not really too sure what he is representing, but it seemed to be a strange sight in a conservative southern city. You would think someone would have complained about the hanging jewels exhibited by the statue.

The buildings in downtown Louisville are a mixture of old brick and new. The older brick buildings are cracking or are becoming discolored through the years. The newer brick buildings look very artificial and could be made from a fake brick. It makes for a oil and vinegar like downtown setting. The architectural style is so diverse the downtown area looks frazzled, especially with all the new construction that is pending.

The Louisville Slugger field is on the opposite end of the downtown than the bat factory, about ten blocks away on Main Street. There is a Marriott hotel sitting right in the middle of the two places. Myworld chose to stay at a Marriott seven miles away from the downtown area. There are not a lot of bars and restaurants near the ballfield but still a couple blocks away. There is one brewery named “Against the Grain” that stands beside the ballpark. You can drink a lot of bourbon while in Louisville.

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