Czech Republic Defeats Uganda to Advance to Little League World Series

The Czech Republic (South Moravia) defeated Uganda 7-3 to qualify for the Little League World Series. It will be the second straight appearance for the Czechs in the Little League World Series. Uganda had earlier defeated the Czech Republic 10-0. The championship match was the third meeting between the two clubs since the Czechs had defeated them earlier 7-5 to knock Uganda to the losers bracket and require Uganda to beat them twice to advance.

Uganda defeated a United States German military team 11-0 to send them to the losers bracket. A team from the United Kingdom eventually eliminated the United States German team with an 8-3 win.

The only team Uganda lost to was the strong Czech team. Uganda eliminated Italy 12-2, whose only two losses in the tournament was to Uganda. Italy had to fight their way up through the losers bracket after their opening round loss to Uganda 10-0. They beat Lithuania 12-0, the Netherland 8-6 and the United Kingdom 13-6. The game against Uganda was the finals of the loser’s bracket.

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