Myworld’s Top Five Baseball Movies

Below are the top five baseball movies for myworld.

1. Natural - A classic movie of a pitcher who failed in his early years to be the best there ever was. He comes back as a hitter a bit worn by age, sits on the bench until given a chance by the death of the right fielder during a game. A lot different from the book with a more feel good ending. Robert Redford stars as the best hitter there ever was.

2. Bull Durham - We’ve been to the park where the movie was filmed. A great movie about life in the minor leagues with the mythical character Crash Davis who has more homeruns than any player in the minor leagues. The veteran catcher comes to Durham to tame a wild pitcher with a major league arm but a minor league brain.

3. Field of Dreams - Myworld traveled to iowa to see the actual field. The movie like Bull Durham stars Kevin Costner as a farmer who struggles to make the payments on his farm. Based on voices he hears inside his head he builds a baseball field in the middle of his farm. Most think he’s crazy but there is a surprise waiting for him once he builds the ball field.

4. Damn Yankees - An older movie about the Washington Senators, who are consistent losers to the New York Yankees. A fan is willing to sell his soul to the devil to have the Senators beat the Yankees. The devil arrives, makes a deal with this fan who comes back as a power hitting outfielder who leads the Senators in their chase against the Yankees. Will he sell his soul to beat the Yankees?

5. Pride of the Yankees - An older movie about the life of Lou Gehrig starring Gary Cooper. A bit campy but you do get teary eyed at the end.

We would like to see the Taiwan baseball movie Kano which chronicles a baseball team from Taiwan, under occupation by Japan go to Japan to compete in the celebrated Koshein tournament and shocking many of the Japanese high school teams there. I’m sure that would hit our top five if we watched it.

There is also another movie in production called Extra Innings. We don’t know too much about the movie but we are always willing to see a baseball movie come to life. Myworld has been asked to help find partners willing to invest in its production. We will provide more details on this tomorrow.

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