Premier 12 Taiwan Roster

Taiwan will have a number of players on their roster who play in their professional league (CPBL) as well as players from the Japanese professional league (NPB) and players from the United States minor leagues not on a major league 40 man roster. Fu-Te Ni pitched for the Detroit Tigers in the major leagues before returning to Taiwan. A major attraction from the CPBL is Kuo-Hui Hao who broke the record this year for most homeruns in a season. It is a young team with a quarter of the players aged 25 or younger. With the pool play being held in Taiwan and the crowd behind them, they should be a team to watch for advancement to the semi-finals and finals in Japan.


Wei-Lun Pan (CPBL Uni-President), Chun-Lin Kuo (NPB Seibu), Kuan-Yu Chen (NPB Chiba), Kou-Hua Lo (Minnesota Twins), Yu-Hsun Chen (CPBL Lamigo), Po-Yu Lin (CPBL Lamigo), Ching-Ming Wang (CPBL Uni-President), Hung-Wen Chen (CPBL Chinatrust), Chia-Jen Lo (CPBL EDA), Fu-Te Ni (CPBL EDA), Tzu-Wei Lin (CPBL Uni-President), Yen-Ching Lu (National Taiwan Physical Education and Sport University) and Chia-Hao Sung.


Chih-Kang Kao (CPBL Uni-President), Hung-Yu Lin (CPBL Lamigo) and Chin-Teh Chang (Pittsburgh Pirates).


Yen-Wen Kuo (CPBL Lamigo), Chun-Hsiu Chen, (CPBL Lamigo), Chih-Sheng Lin (CPBL Lamigo), Yi-Chuan Lin (CPBL EDA), Yung-Chih Chen (CPBL Uni-President), Chih-Hsiang Lin (CPBL Uni-President) and Chih-Hsien Chiang (CPBL Chinatrust).


Yoh Dai-Kang (NPB Hokkaido), Kuo-Hui Kao (CPBL EDA), Chien-Ming Chang (CPBL EDA), Chih-Hao Chang (CPBL Chinatrust), Po-Jung Wang (CPBL Lamigo).

Manager - Tai-Yuan Kuo

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