Czech National Team to Train in North Carolina

Based on information from Mister Baseball, The Czech National Team will be going to North Carolina to prepare for their WBC qualifier competition. They will be playing in Mexicali, Mexico against Germany, Mexico and Nicaragua. Trot Nixon will be one of their coaches.

From 10/2 - 10/11 they will be in exhibition games against universities in the area. You can view the schedule at the link below.

The catcher on the team Martin Cervenka made the top ten myworld European prospect list. They also have a tall pitcher Marek Minarik who could show some potential if he could find the plate more often. The roster for the teams playing in North Carolina consists of:


Blažek Jan, Bokaj Boris, Chroust Radim, Duffek, Tomáš, Minařík Marek, Minařík Petr, Mráz Daniel, Novák Jan, Sobotka Michal, Sogard Alex, Tomek Jan, Zouzalík Mike


Čech Petr, Červenka Martin, Vavruša Daniel


Chroust Přemek, Hajtmar Adam, Hajtmar Jakub, Juněc Tomáš, Sládek Jakub, Zýma Petr


Dubový Arnost, Hejma Mat+j, Malík Jakub, Ondráček Michal, Sila Petr

Czech National Team Training Camp

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