Akiyama Breaks Japanese Hit Record

The Seibu Lions Shogo Akiyama broke the Japanese record for most hits in a season when he stroked hit numbers 215 and 216 in his last two at bats in yesterday’s game. The old record was held by the Hanshin Tigers Matt Murton when he collected 214 hits in 2010. Prior to that the record was held by Ichiro Suzuki, who put together 210 hits in a 130 game season in 1994. Both Akiyama and Murton broke their hit records in a 144 game season. The game before Akiyami went 5 for 5 to tie Murton with 214 hits.

Per yakyubaka Akiyama wrote in a kindergarten graduation essay that he wanted to become a baseball player and record hits like Ichiro. Akiyama is second in the NPB batting average race at .359 to Yuki Yanagita. The previous year Akiyama only hit .259 with 123 hits. The 27 year old is in his fifth season in the NPB and appears to be fulfilling his dream of recording hits like Ichiro.

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