WBC Australian Qualifier - New Zealand Roster

Below is the roster for New Zealand as provided by Baseball America.

Catcher - Beau Bishop, Dewald de Klerk, Connar O’Gorman
Infield - Tyron Bartorillo, Scott Campbell, Jason Matthews, Boss Moanaroa, Alan Schoenberger
Outfield - Tim Auty, Daniel Bradley, Max Brown, Daniel Lamb-Hunt, Moko Moanaroa,
Left handed Pitching - Scott Cone, Jacob Curry, Nick Maronde
Right handed Pitching - Jimmy Boyce, Joe Boyce, Ben Cone, Kyle Glogoski, Benjamin Hughlon, Blair Johnstone, John Lee, Andrew Marck, Riki Paewai, Ben Thompson, Janie Wilson, Randy Yard

Lincoln Holdzkom starred in the 2012 qualifier when New Zealand lost in the finals to Taiwan. They went 2-2 in their first qualifier. His brother John Holdzkom is a top pitcher for the Pirates. Nick Maronde last appeared in the major leagues in 2014. Boss Moanaroa and his brother Moko played in the Red Sox minor league system. Boss still has major league ambitions and is one of the top sluggers in the Australian Baseball League.

New Zealand never participated in a World Cup competition so their entry into international baseball is fairly recent. They are rated 26th in the world but myworld thinks they have the best opportunity to upset Australia to advance to the World Baseball Classic.

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