WBC Australian Qualifier - Australian Roster

This is a qualifier set up for them to advance to the WBC. They will be the heavy favorites. Below is their roster as provided by Baseball America. There are a number of Australian Baseball League veterans on this team.

Catcher - Trent D’Antonio, Allan De San Miguel, Matt Kenelly, Mitchel Nilsson
Infield - James Beresford, Brad Harman, Luke Hughes, David Sutherland, Logan Wade, Stefan Welch
Outfield - Mitchell Dening, David Kandilas, Trent Oeltjen, Aaron Whitefield
left handed pitcher - Travis Blackley, Steven Kent, Ryan Rowland-Smith, Josh Tols,
right handed pitcher - Steven Chambers, Justin Erasmus, Sam Gibbons, Wayne Lundgren, Peter Moylan, Warwick Saupold, Ryan Searle, Matt Timms, Todd Van Steensel, Matthew Williams

Their best prospect may be Lewis Thorpe, a lefthanded pitcher for the Indians, but he will not participate. They will rely on veteran major league players Luke Hughes, Brad Harman, Peter Moylan and Ryan Rowland - Smith. Myworld watched Allan De San Miguel catch for the Bowie Bay Sox and witnessed Warwick Saupold pitch for the Perth Heat in Taiwan in the Asian Series. Travis Blackley had one of the better minor league seasons a player could have while pitching for the Seattle Mariners. Matt Kennelly and Mitchel Nilsson have relatives that have littered the minor league landscape with David Nilsson starring in the major leagues for a number of years.

Australia will be the prohibitive favorite to advance to the World Baseball Classic. They are the only team in this qualifier to have played in a Classic, the other teams only participating in qualifiers. Australia is 1-8 in the WBC and 46-51 in World Cups. They shocked the world with a silver medal in the 2004 Olympics. That team had David Nilsson on their roster as well as Ryan Rowland - Smith and Trent Oeltjen from the current team. They are ranked 14th in the world in the baseball rankings.

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