Teams Identified for July Honkball Tournament

The schedule for the United States national team forces them to pass on participating in Honkball Week in July. Team Cuba is also not participating, but their team has been so diluted with defections it would be difficult for fans to recognize some of their players without a scorecard. The teams that will play from July 15-24 in Honkball Week in Haarlem, Netherlands at the Pim Mulier Stadium are Netherlands, Curacao, Japan, Taiwan and Australia.

The Australians are just coming off qualifying for the World Baseball Classic. This may be an opportunity for them to get some of their players some international experience before competing in the WBC in 2017. Many of their younger players will have minor league obligations and will not be able to participate, but the veterans who have retired from major league ball like Brad Harman and Luke Hughes may need the playing experience to keep them sharp.

The Netherlands usually fields an experienced team of National team players. The Japan and Taiwan rosters are dotted with college and industrial players. Most of their stars are playing in the NPB (Japan) or CPBL (Taiwan). Curacao is a island colony of the Netherlands. Many of their better players for the Netherlands national team such as Didi Gregorious and Andrew Jones were born in Curacao. So you can’t count out the players from there.

For those who want to visit Netherlands and watch some baseball too July 15-24 would be a good opportunity.

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