Navarro Arrested in Japan

Welcome to Japan Yamaico Navarro. Sometimes first impressions are lasting. The Samsung Lions did not want to sign Yamaico to an extension despite his offensive production (.287, 48, 137) saying they did not like his work ethic. The Chiba Lotte Marines may have second thoughts about signing him after he was arrested arriving in Japan for possessing live ammunition.

Navarro apologized for the incident saying the ammunition round was in the Dominican Republic and he did not realize it was in his bag. Since it is a first time offense he will probably not serve any jail time but be fined for the violation. The ownership of Japan will now wonder what kind of player they signed since first impressions are very important in Japan.

It has not been a good week for the Marines. Another foreign player Cuban Alfredo Despaigne stated he would be arriving late for spring training. He said he needed to rest after participating in the Series del Caribe. It is not like he has been playing a lot of baseball in the Nacional Series. You wonder if Cuba is going to reimburse the Marines if his late arrival forces him to miss any early games. As part of the contract with Cuba the Marines had requested Despaigne be available earlier in the season.

It appears Cuba does not have a lot of control over the players they sign to contracts with foreign teams. The Gurriel brothers Lourdes and Yulieski chose not to report to Japan after signing a contact with the Yokahama DeNA Bay Stars. They later departed Cuba for an opportunity to play in the major leagues for a lot more than the Cubans were reimbursing them.

Jose Garia, the brother of Adonis Garcia has been negotiating with the Yomiuri Giants on a contact. The Giants did not have a lot of success with Frederich Cepeda in his two years with the team, acting more as a pinch hitter and not a regular player in those two years. Jose is a much younger player with more upside. Once he gets the taste of money it will be interesting how long he stays committed to Cuba.

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