An Interview with Albert Dabah Producer for Movie Extra Innings

It is not easy to produce a movie. It is not cheap either. Albert Dabah is hoping to begin production for his new baseball movie Extra Innings sometime in the next couple months under the name Simba Productions. He could probably still use some help financially to get the movie produced. If you are an entrepreneur and always wanted to get involved in the movie business this could be your opportunity. Ron Bloomberg and Art Shamsky will serve as baseball consultants for the movie.

Below are ten questions we asked Mr. Dabah about his movie Extra Innings or baseball in general, one for each inning and a last question for the extra inning. There is a link you can click on below that will send you to you tube for the movie. They are also looking for baseball blogs to build a larger fan base to help spread the word on the movie.

Top of First Question - What have been some of your projects prior to Extra Innings? Or is this your first big project?

Over the past 36 years, I’ve done numerous videos, starting with training, cooking, promotional, documentaries, music videos. This is our first feature film, so, yes, it is our first big project.

Top of Second Question - What is the motivation behind the film?

Sports, in particular baseball in this film can help someone focus on discipline to grow and mature. Eventually it gives them sense of hope and following a dream. Additionally I wish to increase awareness of mental health issues and to open discussion on the stigma.

Top of the third Question - Can you provide a small synopsis of the story?

Extra Innings is a coming of age story set in the 1960’s within a Syrian Jewish community in Brooklyn. The protagonist, David Sabah, 12, is a misfit in his family. An overbearing father Eli, an absent minded mother Esther, an emotionally withdrawn older brother Morris, an eccentric older sister Vivian, and a goody-two-shoes sister Rita round out the Sabah household. When tragedy strikes, David’s only escape from the looming darkness is on the baseball field. It opens up a world for him outside of his community and religion and offers a reprieve from the dramatic life at home. When an opportunity presents itself for David to move out to California to play baseball, he realizes this is his chance to escape his community and build the life he dreams of. Things are no less complicated for David as he deals with abandoning his friends, his community, and the weight of disapproval from his father. Will he find himself hopeless and give up on his dream, or will he learn that life goes on?

Top of the fourth Question - What is the most difficult part about putting a movie together?

Sometimes every aspect seems like the most difficult part. Writing a script that is based on a true story has been difficult because it’s hard to throw yourself into it and taking the authenticity of the events that occurred and making them dramatic.

Top of the fifth Question - What are some of the areas you need help stringing together in order to finish this film?

Currently for me the biggest problem is raising the money to start filming, as it is for any independent movie.

Top of the sixth Question - Have you gotten commitments from any actors to play characters in the film or is that still too early in the process?

We are currently working on getting commitments from actors.

Top of the seventh Question - When do you anticipate filming for this movie or has production already begun?

We are hoping to start filming in July or August the latest.

Top of the eighth Question - Have you ever attended a baseball game outside the United States? Is so, where and what was your experience?

Not outside, but I’ve been to one in Puerto Rico. I suppose that’s why it felt like a very similar game to the one in the States. J

Top of the ninth Question - If you could fulfill one wish in life would you wish to be a professional baseball player who had a good enough year to win the MVP of the league or would you want to produce a film that wins an Oscar?

It’s a tough one. I’d choose to win the MVP. But I’d like to win an Oscar, too. But you can see, I’m a baseball player at heart.

The Extra Inning Question - What do you hope people will come away with after watching this film?

I think people would come away with a sense of thinking of their own families and their own upbringings. This film might be similar or so different to their experiences, but it should make them feel connected to their families.

Extra Innings You tube

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