Orioles Sign Player from Guatemala

The closest Guatemala has come to having a major league baseball player is Ryan Spilborghs, whose mother is from Guatemala.  The article also talks about Troy Tulowitski and his mom being from Guatemala but myworld could not confirm that.  Since the two were teammates with the Rockies for a number of years maybe an article mixed up their mothers.  Troy does not look like he has a lot of Spanish blood in him.

The Orioles hope to develop a 100 percent Guatemalan major leaguer in 18 year old outfielder Andres Aguilar.  They hope to start his career in the Gulf Coast League, but if there is no room there he will begin in the Dominican Summer League.  The Orioles have recently hired scouts in Guatemala and Costa Rica, two places my world questioned as far as places to focus resources.  Guatemala appears to be paying off with this signing.

According to Fred Ferreira the kid has a strong arm, is a good hitter with power and can play centerfield.  This is an example of Dan Duquette playing foreign currency ball.

You can read the article here: http://www.masnsports.com/school_of_roch/2012/01/orioles-sign-18-year-old-outfielder-from-guatemala.html

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