Milledge Reputation Arrives with him in Japan

If Lastings Milledge ever wonders why he was never able to sustain any kind of success as a major leaguer all he has to do is look in the mirror.  The Yakult Swallows are learning that Milledge appears to have issues making it to the ball park on time.  He arrived a day late to Japan and the stories differ as to whether he 1)overslept, 2) got stuck in traffic or 3) read the itinerary wrong.  The reality is that he missed his flight.

Lastings got on a flight the next day and arrived in Japan.  Unfortunately his first practice with the Swallows was limited to 40 minutes because he arrived two hours late.  The team only had the facilities until 4 PM.  He blamed his tardiness on problems getting his mobile phone.

It will be interesting to see how long he lasts in Japan.  He is not the kind of player who would seem to fit there, but stranger things have happened.  Myworld predicts that he will be gone before the season reaches it halfway point.  If not, perhaps the Japanese lifestyle will teach him some discipline and responsibility.

It is already baseball season in Japan as most teams have packed up and flown to Okinawa for spring training where most teams have their facilities.  You can read all the Japanese spring training notes and the Milledge antics at

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