NL West Review of Number One Picks

The Diamondbacks have a habit of trading their number ones and the Braves have taken advantage of their generosity. The Rockies keep drafting pitchers and like the search for Nemo they hope to find ‘the one” who will lead them to the playoffs. The Padres are starting fresh after trading most of their prospects the previous season. The Giants seem to have a fascination with right handed pitchers who lack overpowering stuff.

Arizona Diamondbacks

2015 - Dansby Swanson SS - He was packaged to the Braves in the trade for Shelby Miller, who has struggled in the starting rotation for the Diamondbacks. The Braves are trying to figure out whether Ozzie Albies or Swanson is their shortstop of the future. Swanson is only hitting .250 in AA with a .396 slugging after having some success in High A earlier in the season (.333/.526). Swanson has the bat to move to third.

2014 - Touki Toussaint RHP - Another pitcher traded to the Braves to eliminate them of the draining contract of Bronson Arroyo. Dave Stewart believes his command will always be lacking to make a starting rotation. That assessment has rung true his first two years with a 48/67 walk to whiff ratio in 2015 and an even worse 31/33 ratio this year. His three year career minor league ERA is 5.66.

2013 - Braden Shipley RHP - Somehow the Diamondbacks have found the patience not to trade Shpley. At 6′1 he is slight of frame and his strikeout numbers do not give evidence of overpowering stuff. Expect him to start in the middle of the rotation if he does make it.

2012 - Stryker Trahan C/OF - He is no longer a catcher and has disappeared from the prospect lists. Still in High A, but with only seven games played and a .167 average in 2016. A propensity for the strikeout has left his career minor league average at .222. He does have some pop with three seasons of double digit homeruns.

2011 - Trevor Bauer RHP - They had some issues with his independence and traded him to the Indians in a three team trade that included the Reds and Didi Gregorius. Trevor is now a main staple of the Indians rotation and Didi a shortstop with the Yankees.

Archie Bradley RHP - Early in his career the Diamondbacks envisioned him as the ace of their future rotation. Now they just hope at some point in his career he makes their rotation. He has had his opportunities to start in the major leagues but has struggled and been demoted for more minor league work. He will not make a long career on his minor league success.

2010 - Barrett Loux RHP - He did not sign was granted free agency and signed with the Texas Rangers, who later traded him to the Cubs. Health has been an issue with only three starts since 2013.

Colorado Rockies

2015 - Brendan Rodgers SS - Trevor Story seems to have captured the shortstop job, but his swing and miss issues could still open the door to Rodgers. Brendan has the bat to play third with 8 homeruns and a .492 slugging percentage in his full season Low A debut.

Mike Nikorak RHP - Nikorak needs to find the strike zone after walking 32 in just 17 innings last season. His fastball whips across (or away from the plate) at 95 plus but he is still a major work in progress.

2014 - Kyle Freeland LHP - Injuries last season limited him to just 9 starts. He is not overpowering as his weak strikeout totals will advertise but lefthanded movement could make him a situational lefty if he does not make the rotation.

2013 - Jonathan Gray RHP - A hard thrower who could hit triple digits out of high school. His fastball has slowed down at the professional level as he focuses on command. He may have found a spot in the Rockie rotation in 2016 with 10 starts and a 4.85 ERA.

2012 - David Dahl OF - The man may lack a spleen but he has a bat that should get him to the major leagues. The ideal spot for him would be centerfield, but he can fit in all outfield positions. He has yet to match his rookie league .379 average but should find no trouble finding the .300 neighborhood in the major leagues.

2011 - Tyler Anderson LHP - The Rockies have recently called up a Tyler Anderson to pitch in their rotation. Injuries limited him to just three starts in the last two years. In three 2016 starts he has been effective, but as myworld looks at his innings it has to be another Tyler Anderson they are calling up. This Tyler has yet to pitch in June which would seem odd calling him up to pitch in the show.

2010 - Kyle Parker OF - Now with the Reds after the Rockies released him on April Fools 2016.

Los Angles Dodgers

2015 - Walker Buehler RHP - Elbow soreness prevented him from pitching in 2015. August Tommy John surgery will prevent him from pitching in 2016. He did pitch for Vanderbilt and led them to two College World Series finals.

Kyle Funkhouser RHP - Kyle did not sign preferring to return to Louisville. This year the Tigers made him their fourth round pick. Early season struggles dropped his stock in the draft from first rounder to fourth rounder.

2014 - Grant Holmes RHP - Despite his 6′1″ frame he strikes out a number of hitters with his mid -90s heat. In 2015 command was an issue with a walk every two innings. This year he is getting more pitches across the plate but giving up more hits. Expect him to fit in a mid-rotation starter role.

2013 - Chris Anderson RHP - A lack of command has dropped his prospect stock. This year his 27/20 walk to whiff ratio in six starts and 28 innings got him a demotion back to High A to work out of the bullpen on his delivery. In four appearances covering four innings he has yet to walk a hitter, striking out three.

2012 - Corey Seager 3B - He moved to shortstop though many still think his future is next store at third base. It will be hard to put up the numbers he generated last year but he should be an All Star performer for the Dodgers regardless of what position he plays. His bat will play at any position.

2011 - Chris Reed LHP - He pitched for Great Britain in the World Baseball Classic. The Dodgers traded him to the Marlins in 2015 for another lefthander Grant Dayton. The fact he throws lefthanded makes it a good bet he will find his way onto some teams bullpen.

2010 - Zach Lee RHP - No one expected the Dodgers to sign him since he had his sights sent on playing quarterback for LSU. Now that he has been signed the Dodgers are wondering when they will start getting some major league quality starts from him. His minor league numbers have not offered a lot of hope and in his one major league start last year he got bounced around for seven runs in less than five innings. With an ERA over 5 and hitters batting over .300 against him in the Pacific Coast League the 2016 season does not offer a lot of early promise.

San Diego Padres

2015 - no pick.

2014 - Trea Turner SS - They never really had him. He was the player to be named later in the trade that got them Wil Myers. Myworld feels he does not have the arm to play shortstop, especially when compared to Desmond or Espinosa.

2013 - Hunter Renfroe OF - One of the few prospects the Padres could not trade in their ill fated effort to acquire aging veterans that would give them a pennant. The Padres need to find room for him in the outfield. In 58 games he has slugged 13 homeruns and driven in 44. His defense will not be great but it would be an improvement over Matt Kemp.

2012 - Max Fried LHP - A high school teammate of Lucas Giolito. Scouts went out to watch Giolito but after his arm issues Fried was drafted before his teammate. The Padres packaged him in a deal to acquire Justin Upton. Ironic that he should miss the 2015 season because of Tommy John surgery. The 2016 season finds him starting at Low A where he is struggling a bit with command (34 walks in 59 innings) but it is a rehab type of year for him.

2011 - Corey Spangenberg 2B - Drafting second baseman in the first round rarely leads to success. It is better to draft the more athletic shortstops who move to second base. Corey has reached the majors but his numbers are uninspiring. A lack of power and speed makes him a blah type of player.

Joe Ross RHP - He was included in the Trea Turner trade to the Nationals for Wil Myers. Now he is a key cog in the Nationals starting rotation. He will probably be no better than a back end of the rotation starter but teams need those type of player to make the playoffs.

2010 - Karsten Whitson RHP - did not sign. He had shoulder surgery in 2013 and was drafted by the Red Sox in the 11th round of 2014. An injury prevented him from playing in 2015.

San Francisco Giants

2015 - Phil Bickford RHP - A first rounder by the Blue Jays in 2013 he again became a first rounder of the Giants in 2015 and signed. A fastball/slider combination has gotten him more than 9 whiffs per 9 innings, but his fastball sits at a rather pedestrian low 90s.

Chris Shaw 1B - Brandon Belt stands in his way after signing an extension for the Giants. Outfield fences have not been much of an impediment for Shaw. In over 100 games covering two half seasons he has slugged 25 homeruns with 76 RBIs and a .911 OPS. He still has a couple years in the minor leagues before the Giants have to find a position for him.

2014 - Tyler Beede RHP - Another first rounder selected by the Blue Jays who they did not sign that the Giants pounced on. Beede is another pitcher who lacks overpowering stuff, with a strikeout rate of just over six per nine innings. He should find himself in the back end of a rotation.

2013 - Christian Arroyo SS - Currently blocked by Brandon Crawford, Christian can still fill a utility role for the Giants once he is ready. Not a lot of outstanding tools to stand out above other players at his position. The bat does generate a lot of line drives to the gaps.

2012 - Chris Stratton RHP - A fringe fastball and lack of overpowering stuff finds him as bullpen fodder. Chris made his major league debut with three relief appearances, but don’t expect much more.

2011 - Joe Panik SS - One of those players drafted as a shortstop who slid over to second base parlaying that into a solid major league player. He does not offer a lot of power, but plays a solid defense and sprays the gaps.

2010 - Gary Brown OF - The Giants finally released him a couple years ago and he is probably organizational fodder for some minor league team.

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