Williamsport Little League Museum

Myworld is in Williamsport to watch the Williamsport Crosscutters play on the fifth day of our Pennsylvania tour. It is still a couple weeks away from the Little League World Series but myworld stopped by the museum and the field to see them prepare for the event. The museum is a worthwhile visit if you happen to find yourself in Williamsport. Watching them prepare the field for the big televised event that will be overflowing with spectators, cameras and players is fascinating. There is a lot of work that goes into trimming those hedges from the bushes that the cameras will pan so millions can see in the television screen “Little League World Series”.

When myworld played Little League it was always a thought that if we made the All Star team we could compete against other Little Leagues and appear in the World Series. As a kid there was no thought process of where the event was or how difficult it would be to get there. Myworld never got there. Until now. Another bucket list fulfilled, but we still want to come back when they are playing games.

Some of the facts you get from visiting the museum:

Little League was begun by Carl Lutz in 1939 in Williamsport. They have only been playing the Little League World Series at their current park since 1959. Prior to that they played the first World Series at their old park at Original Field, which is nearby the Crosscutters stadium.

In 1950 Panama was the first country outside the United States to participate in the Little League World Series. In 1957 Monterrey, Mexico was the first non-United States team to win the World Series. They were led by pitcher Angel Macias who pitched the first and only perfect game in Little League World Series history.

Maria Pepe is given credit for allowing girls to play Little League. She played for her New Jersey charter back in 1972 and Little League was going to revoke that charter if they continued to have her play. The National Organization for Women (NOW) challenged that decision, girls were allowed to play and in 2004 she threw out the first pitch at the 2004 Little League World Series.

Some celebrities noted for playing Little League:

Vice President Joe Biden played for the Green Ridge Little League of Scranton, Pennsylvania. Other celebrities who have played Little League include Tom Selleck, George W. Bush, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Dick Vitale, Dan Quayle, Governor Chris Christie, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, Bruce Springsteen and Kevin Costner. Those are names of individuals who appear on the Wall of Fame. There are more but you have to go there to see the rest. Or google Little League World Series and a Wikipedia page will update you with the names.

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