Lucas Defeats the Dark Knight

An hour and a half rain delay only allowed him to pitch four innings so he did not get credit for the victory, but the Nationals were up 1-0 when he left. In those four innings he allowed one bloop single to left field by leadoff hitter Curtis Granderson. His consistent 95 mile per hour heat had the Mets hitters off balance. Even though he struck out just one while he walked two the balls that were hit were not hit hard. There were not a lot of swings and misses but the Nationals went on to win 5-0 once they were allowed to play the game again with Matt Harvey no longer on the mound.

Matt Harvey appears to have his stuff back. He was hitting 96-98 consistently. There were some command problems with three walks but he also struck out three. In the second inning he gave up a single to Wilson Ramos and then Anthony Rendon rode one of his pitches to the right center field gap allowing Ramos to score from home. In order for that to happen the outfielders had to do a pretty poor job of chasing the ball down in the outfield, with Granderson in right and Cespedes in center. Rendon landed on third when the throw home was late.

Harvey did not come back after the rain delay. Bryce Harper hit a two run homer in the fifth and Ramos a two run double in the seventh to account for the final four runs. Myworld was not there to see that action after leaving with the second rain delay so we can not provide too many details on the game.

Game Notes: Harvey threw a couple curveballs but most of his pitches are hard. His slider comes in at 91 while his curve ball hits the mid-80s. Giolito has a bit more variety with the velocity in his pitches. His curveball is at 79 and his slider comes to the plate in the high 80s low 90s…There was a 45 minute rain delay that pushed back the start of the game to 8:45. The second rain delay was an hour and a half. Those people who relied on Metro for their commute could only see a couple more innings before they had to leave the game to catch the last train home.

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