Third Adventure - Dominican Republic

Myworld is getting ready for our third road trip.  This time it is to the Dominican Republic for the Series del Caribe.  In October we were in Panama for two weeks for the baseball world cup and in November we hung out in Taiwan for a week for the Asia World Series.

The four teams that will be playing in the Series del Caribe are the Escogido Leones (Dominican Republic), Aragua Tigres (Venezuela), the defending Series del Caribe champs the Obregon Yaquis (Mexico) and the Mayaguez Indios from Puerto Rico.  We hope the weather cooperates.

The two things that worry myworld about the trip are the earthquakes and crime.  The Dominican Republic has had a couple mild tremors over the last couple weeks.  Some experts are saying that these tremors are just a prelude to a big earthquake that is inevitable.  The second issue is the crime that is taking place on those leaving the airport.  It appears criminals are following taxis as they leave the airport and then robbing the passengers.  It makes me wonder if the taxi drivers are getting a percentage from the robberies.  But such is life.  There are dangers everywhere you go.  It would be nice if the Dominican authorities make an attenpt to stop these robberies or their tourism will be impacted.

Myworld will probably be unavailable tomorrow as we take the amtrak up to Newark to take an early morning 7 AM Wednesday flight.  After experiencing delays everytime we land in Newark we refuse to fly their again.  The best flights to the Dominican Republic take off from Newark so we will pay a little extra to have Amtrak take me the day before.  That way we hope not to miss our flight or wait for six hours for our flight to arrive.

We will be meeting a friend for dinner in Newark and arriving at the airport hotel fairly late.  I’d be surprised if the hotel at the airport will provide free internet access.  So our next posting will probably be in Santo Domingo on Wednesday.  For some reason my house mates are quite thrilled that I am leaving again.  Hmmm.

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