Pakistan Roster for the WBC Qualifier

Below is the roster for the Pakistan team in the WBC qualifier that will be held September 22-25 in Brooklyn. It is a roster that has no minor league ball players on their team, which will make it a challenge for them to win a game. This is their debut in WBC competition. They will be huge underdogs.

Right Handed Pitchers

Asrar Ahmad, Muhammad Asad, Muhammad Asir, Muhammad Bilal, Gulfam, Rehman Khalid, Inayat Khan, Tariq Nadeem, Syed Shah, Syed Sherazi, Dur Syed, Ihsan Ullah

Left Handed Pitchers

Muhammad Usman, Muhammad Zohaib


Umair Bhatti, Hidayat Ullah


Jawad Ali, Faqir Hussain, Arsalan Jamashaid, Muhammad Jamil, Arshad Khan, Zubair Nawaz


Adnan Butt, Saddam Hussain, Burhan Johar, Ubaid Ullah, Fazal Ur Rehman, Muhammad Zawar

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