Venezuelan Showcase to be Held in Panama

It is a sad state of affairs for Venezuela when major league baseball decides to have a showcase for Venezuelan prospects in Panama. Major league baseball considers Venezuela too dangerous a place to risk having their scouts travel there to look at young Venezuelan prospects. Now it is incumbent upon the Venezuelan prospects to travel to Panama to be seen by major league scouts.

Don’t know who is responsible for paying the expenses for traveling to Panama, but I’m sure the Venezuelan combines will have their best players attend and charge any expenses against the players bonus payment. This will leave out any diamonds in the rough from travelling to Panama since the combine will have to be convinced that any prospect travelling to Panama will at least command a bonus that is equivalent to his travel expenses, plus any profit to the combine.

Expect Cuba to surpass Venezuela in a couple years for major league prospects if Venezuela does not get its act together as far as a country. I know myworld will not risk travelling to Venezuela to watch baseball. Mexico is still on this list as well.

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