Keisler With the K’s for Mexico

Mexico 2 Puerto Rico 0

Randy Keisler worked seven innings of shutout ball to give Mexico their first win.  He only gave up four hits and struck out 5, retiring his last 13 hitters he faced before he was removed from the game.  All of his outs stayed in the infield except in the last inning he pitched when two balls were tagged pretty well to the outfield.  He was removed after that inning.  Three of the four hits he gave up were in the first two innings.  Double play balls ended those hits from being threats.

The only runs that were scored in the game was the result of an error and a little day dreaming.  With one out Barbaro Canizares walked and pitcher Matt De Salvo was struggling to get the ball over the plate.  After throwing two balls to Doug Clark catcher Johnny Monell tried to pick the big Barbaro Canizares off first.  His throw sailed over the firstbaseman’s head and into right field.  Rightfielder Jorge Padilla was looking at his feet when the throw happened, probably cogitating about his strikeout in the third inning and it took some screaming from the players for him to look up and see the baseball rolling down the right field line.  By the time he retrieved the ball, the burly Canizares had lumbered down to third.  Clark walked and Jose Rodriguez hit a ball to medium center.  Jesus Feliciano put all his effort in the throw but couldn’t get the lumbering Canazares, who scored the first run of the game.  Clark then stole second and scored on a single by Iker Franco in which Feliciano’s throw from centerfield arrived again too late.

That was all the scoring in the game.  Luis Ayala got two outs in the eighth and then retired the side in the ninth as Puerto Rico scattered infield practice to each of the positions except first.  Puerto Rico never got a runner past second base.

Game Notes: There was a short rain delay just after the pitcher had finished his warmups and was ready to throw his first pitch.  The field was covered with two separate tarps, one for the right side of the field and the other for the left side.  They connect them like a jigsaw puzzle.  The staff was a little hesitant in putting on the tarp because the rain was slowing and they probably didn’t want to roll it back up again.  There boss was quite agitated and waved his arms ordering them to hurry up…The fans from Mexico came out in full force today.  They seemed very quiet last night, but they had their clackers waving and the band came out in the bottom of the fifth.  There was a big party along the first base side, with dancing along the dugout by a gnarly group of characters.  Security stopped the dugout dancing after a couple of innings, or at least did not allow it while the game was in progress.  They tolerated it during the pitcher’s warmup between innings.  There were lots of Cowboy hats and a guy with a green, white and red beard.  There are also a number of masked wrestlers that were in their jump suits flexing their bulging midsections…While he doesn’t have a strong arm, Jesus Feliciano has a good glove in centerfield.  He floats to the balls easily and at least once caught the ball casually at his hip as he was running for the ball…Iker Franco hurt his ankle sliding back into first.  He stayed in the game but myworld bets that if he plays Saturday he will DH…The woman that was with me the first two days went down to get Barbaro Canziares autograph.  She asked him which team he will play for next year.  He said he was working on something with the Orioles.  Perhaps that is his agent informing him of what he is trying to do.  My bet is that Canizares will be spending the summer in the Mexican League…On the way to the game there were two guys standing on buckets painting the ceiling.  One guy was standing on three buckets and the other two.  To move forward they would shift their feet forward and the buckets would move.  Myworld does not recommend that anyone try this at home.

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