Mainz Wins German Baseball Championship

Buchbinder Legionaere Regensburg is the big baseball power in Germany. They won four straight championships from 2010 to 2013 and have a number of them before that. Solingen Alligators and Heidenhem won the last two seasons breaking the dominance of Buchbinder. Buchbinder had a chance for another championship this year, playing the Mainz Athletics, who have won only one title back in 2007 in the finals of the German baseball championship of 2016.

In a best of five finals Mainz won the first two and after losing 1-0 in the third game won the fourth 5-2 to again take the championship away from Buchbinder. Thomas de Wolf broke a scoreless tie with his RBI single in the fifth triggering a rally that led to four more unanswered runs and a 90 minute rain delay. Mike Larson bashed a two run double to close out the scoring.

Buchbinder was able to score two runs on a Marcel Jimenez single in the later innings to shrink the lead to three, 5-2, but that is all they could score. The Mainz Athletics are the German champion for 2016. Information for this game was obtained from Mister Baseball, the European baseball source.

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