Norge Ruiz Signs with Athletics

One of the better pitchers out of Cuba, Norge Ruiz signed with the Oakland Athletics. Not a big pitcher, standing less than 6′0″ with a pedestrian fastball, he will need to rely on his location to get major league hitters out. Myworld watched him pitch in the Series del Caribe in Puerto Rico. While he did not give up a lot of runs he always seemed to be working out of jams. Myworld expects him to end up in a relief role if he makes the majors, though the Athletics are short on starting pitchers.

The 22 year old received a $2 million bonus from the Athletics. Because of his age those $2 million will count against the Athletics international spending cap, though the Athletics have never been active in signing international players the last couple years, unless they have come from Cuba. The Athletics were already over their international salary cap after signing Lazaro Armentaros to a $3 million bonus, meaning Ruiz cost them $4 million after the payment of a $2 million penalty.

Ruiz has a number of pitchers with the change and slider being his best pitches. He will get hitters to pound the ball on the ground giving him the opportunity to slither out of danger.

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