What Are the Odds

Myworld is visiting New York for the Christmas holidays. On my very first day out in the city I put on a shirt I bought in Australia when I visited there about a decade ago. While eating lunch at restaurant a family walked in. The young boy was calling her mother “mum” so my first thought was they were from England. The family sat at a table next to mine giving me the opportunity to ask them where they were from. They said Melbourne, Australia. They smiled when I took off my jacket and showed my sweat shirt that made reference to Melbourne, Australia.

Returning to the hotel a family was waiting at an elevator. I thought the father was wearing a Hanshin Tiger jersey. When I asked him about it he said it was an Australian football jersey and they were from Melbourne. I took off my jacket again and showed them my Melbourne sweat shirt. When I informed them that they were the second family from Melbourne that I had met in New York they said there were some good deals on flights to New York.

What are the odds with a city as big as New York the first two people I come into contact with are from Melbourne, Australia? Makes me want to take my second visit there. Perhaps next year, when the winter season begins again.

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