Taiwan WBC Roster

Despite the Chinese Professional Baseball League’s (CPBL) withdrawal from having anything to do with the World Baseball Classic, three of the four teams in the CPBL have still provided players. The CPBL is in dispute with the Chinese Taipei Baseball Association (CTBA) over the selection of the manager for the WBC team, even though they were outvoted 2-1. The CTBA and the Sports Administration wanted the Uni-President Lions Tai-yuan Kuo as manager while the CPBL preferred EDA Rhinos Chun-chang Yeh. The CPBL pulled out when they did not get their way, though they also had other issues with the CTBA. The Lamigo Monkees are the only team to support the CPBL by not allowing any of their players to participate in the WBC, though whether a team provided players was optional for the CPBL teams.


Chen-Hua Lin, Ming-Chin Tsai, Fu-Te Ni, Sheng-Hsiung Huang, Wei-Lun Pan, Yun-Wen Chen, Ching-Ming Wang, Kuan-Yu Chen, Chun-Lin Kuo, Chia-Hao Sung, Hung-Wen Chen, Shao-Ching Chiang, Kuo-Hua Lo


Kun-Sheng Lin, Da-Hong Cheng


Chih-Sheng Lin, Chih-Hsien Chiang, Chi-Hung Hsu, Yi-Chuan Lin, Chih-Hsiang Lin, Yung-Chi Chen, Sheng-Wei Wang


Dai-Kang Yang, Cheng-Wei Chang, Che-Hsuan Lin, Chin-Lung Hu, Kuo-Hui Kao, Chih-Hao Chang

There are no major leaguers among this group. There are a couple minor league pitchers down in the A league in Chiang and Lo. The NPB is well represented with four different players, three pitchers in Kuan-Yu Chen, Kuo and Sung along with outfielder Yang, who will be one of the top hitters on the team. Fu-Te Ni was at one time a relief pitcher for the Detroit Tigers. He will be one of the top starters for Taiwan.

The CPBL also appears to be a hitters league with the high ERAs of the pitchers and the high batting averages of the players. The CPBL teams can use two foreign players on their rosters and those two players are usually put in the team’s starting rotation. You can go to cpblenglish.com to take a look at the WBC roster and some of the stats attributed to the players.

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