New Baseball Stat - BPO

The baseball geeks are always coming up with a new baseball stat to define who is the best in baseball. The newest stat is the BPO or Bases Per Out. After all, the game is about running around the bases. The more bases you run the better your chance of reaching home.

The statistics used to calculate BPO are the count of the bases a batter reaches through hits, i.e a double is two, walks, stolen bases and being hit by pitch. Add the bases he gains for his team by advancing other runners with sacrifice bunts and flies. What is missing in this calculation is the number of bases a hitter advances runners that is an out that is not considered a sacrifice.

You also count the outs he makes, including double plays, sacrifices and times caught stealing. Now you might say that sacrifices are included in the above, but with runners on first and second a sacrifice could get you two bases while the bunt will only give you one out.

You the divide the first number of the bases you advance by the second number of outs you make and get a result.

If you use this number to identify the top pitcher in the American League that would be Corey Kluber with a 77.0 BPO. In the National League it would be Kyle Hendricks at 77.3. The top hitter in the American League would be Mike Trout (1.181 BPO) while in the National League it would be Joey Votto (1.088). The retired David Ortiz had the second best BPO rating in the American League (1.068).

To show how accurate this statistic is in predicting the wins and losses of a team consider that the top criteria for predicting wins and losses is if one team scores more runs than the other. That is usually a 100 percent indicator of a win. The second most accurate indicator of a win at 81.8 percent is the winning team will accumulates the most bases than the losing team. No other statistic achieved over a 77 percent accuracy rate.

So for you stat geeks another acronym for you to digest and argue over.

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