Lack of Insurance Leaves Gray out of the WBC

One of the problems created with professional athletes competing in events like the Olympics, the World Cups or the World Baseball Classics is who pays the athletes if an injury ends his career and that $45 million contract which is not guaranteed is now ruled null and void by the team who signed him, or the athlete has the potential to earn that much but an injury ends what could have been a promising career. The Olympics surely do not want to pay that kind of money.

Sonny Gray wanted to pitch in the World Baseball Classic. Unfortunately he could not find an insurance company willing to insure him against injury. He missed most of last year because of injury. Don’t expect the World Baseball Classic to step in to find an insurer. It will be easier to find another pitcher.

Most of these organizations who make millions off the city that bids for the event and more millions from running an event in which they have no responsibility of paying an athlete except the travel, room and board they provide that the city paid for in building. There may be prize money to the winners or a nice gold medal to hang from the neck but for the losers they are left with little. They expect the athlete to take all the risks for country and possible fame and endorsements. As the salaries get higher that is getting to be too much to ask from many of these professional athletes, many of whom already have fame and endorsements.

These organizations will now have to settle for second best and hope the fans are still willing to pay out big money to watch second best.

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