Mexico Tie Breaker Error Explained

The WBC made a calculation error prior to Mexico playing Venezuela saying that Mexico needed to only win by two to be one of the two teams playing for the second spot to advance to the second round playoff spot. They beat Venezuela by two and were quite upset when they were informed they did not advance. The tie breaker rule is defensive runs per inning and it appeared a miscalculation was made when they first put the numbers together.

The pitching staff for Mexico was supposed to be their strong suit. It failed them in the WBC, especially the bullpen in the game against Italy. When the initial calculations were made for that game Mexico got credit for that ninth inning when Italy scored five runs and the Mexican bullpen failed to get an out. Since an out was not recorded in that ninth inning Mexico could only get credit for eight innings, not the nine innings they were given credit for before the game was played. Mexico lost the tie breaker to Venezuela 1.12 to 1.11.

Adrian Gonzalez was not happy. He says he will not play in another WBC game. That may be a moot point since he will be 38 years old when the next WBC tournament is scheduled. The bottom line is that if the pitching staff for Mexico, especially the vaunted bullpen, had done their job they would have advanced to the second round. Losing a four run lead in the bottom of the ninth without retiring a hitter eliminated them from the WBC. Those facts can not be changed. Giving them an inning when they did not get an out to deserve that inning can be changed. It is just too bad the error had to occur.

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