Passing of Wayne Graczyk

One of the nicest men in the world passed away. Wayne Graczyk died of a heart attack at 68. He is the man who published the Japan Baseball Fan Handbook and Media Guide. If you wanted to know about Japanese baseball that was a good start to your education. When I watch baseball I like to keep score and having that handbook with the English names of the Japanese players and their uniform numbers was critical.

Wayne also wrote articles for Baseball America when they needed something on Japan. He also was a writer for the Japan Times English paper. Any foreigner who played baseball in Japan knew Wayne, not because he was a reporter who wrote for the Japan Times but because he was a nice guy who was willing to help a player in a strange environment. He made you feel comfortable.

I’ve been to Japan four or five times to watch baseball. Each time Wayne was there to guide me through the intricacies of the game in Japan. There was one conversation we had where I wondered why no Japanese pitcher threw hard. Every pitcher I saw had a radar reading of high 80s to low 90s. He proceeded to name the pitchers who could throw mid-90s. My perception of baseball was limited when compared to Wayne. He always expanded that horizon after just one day of conversation.

He will be missed. For a nice article on him go to this link:

Wayne Graczyk

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