Lamigo Monkeys Win First Half Title in CPBL

The Lamigo Monkeys won the first half title with a 5-3 win over the Chinatrust Brothers. Chen Chun-Hsiu broke a 3-3 tie with a two run homer in the seventh inning. This gives them the opportunity to play in the championship Taiwan series. There are still six games left to play before the first half ends. The Chinatrust Brothers were the second place team. The Uni Lions will finish third and the Fubon Guardians fourth.

The playoffs are determined by the following:

First half winner versus the second half winner

If the same team wins both halves then the teams with the second and third best record will engage in a playoff series to see who plays the Monkeys.

If for some reason a team does not win either half but finishes with the highest winning percentage when both halves are taken into account, they will play against the half season winner with the lowest winning percentage. Myworld does not see that scenario entering the picture since the Monkeys won the first half on a pace to break their franchise record for wins in a season.

A team who wins both halves will be rewarded one win before they even start the seven game championship series.

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