First Half of German Season Ends

The first half of the German season has ended with the top four teams in the North and the top four teams in the South being placed in one division to play in a four week round robin play. The won loss record for their games against each other is transferred to the standings.

The teams advancing from the North are 1) Bonn Capitals (21-3), 2) Dohren Wild Farmers (15-9), 3) Solingen Alligators (14-10), 4) Untouchables Paderborn (13-11)

The teams advancing from the South are 1) Heidenheim Heidekopfe (22-6), 2) Mainz Athletics (20-8), 3) Munchen Haar Disciples (20-8), 4) Mannheim Tornados (18-10)

The teams that may be relegated, i.e. knocked down to the second division are from the North 1) Cologne Cardinals (2-22), and from the South 1) Saarlouis Hornets (3-25), 2) Bad Hombug Hornets (2-26).

Not a good year to be a Hornet. When in Durham I sat next to a guy who played in the German League. They were in the second division but had the best record. He was concerned about being bumped up because their stadium is small and they didn’t think they would be able to support themselves in the top division. If you are losing games fans have a tendency not to show up, which impacts the minimal revenue you get from attendance.

Since they have no grounds crew to landscape their infield and outfield the manager or team organizer on the team would randomly announce at one of the practices that today was landscaping day. So no batting or fielding practice. This day would be established for caring for the field.

Myworld hopes our next stop for European baseball will be in Germany.

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