Series del Caribe to Expand to Asia

It appears that the Series del Caribe plans on expanding to six teams next year in Hermosillo, Mexico according to

The Series del Caribe wishes to add both the Korean champion and Cuban champion to the series.  If Cuba does not agree to participate then Mexico will have two teams, the winner and the runnerup to the tournament.  Korea appears to be a certainty to participate.

The participation of six teams will allow the tournament to have a 2-game playoff between the top two teams after the round robin games.  Last year, the Dominican Republic team virtually clinched the series after the fourth game, making the last two rounds of games meaningless .  Adding two teams would add more interest in the later rounds, plus attract additional spectators.

It will be interesting to see how this develops.  Another team the Series del Caribe should consider is the champion of the Australian League.  They have a similar season to the Series del Caribe.

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