Korean Walk to K Ratio

In the United States, stat lovers including myself look at a pitcher’s walk to K ratio to guage whether they will have success in the major leagues.  If a pitcher achieves two strikeouts for each walk or anything above that it would be a good indicator of success.

In Korea, it appears a pitcher was arrested for his gambling ties.  It has been reported by the Japanese press via http://yakyubaka.com/2012/02/28/kbo-prosecutors-continuing-to-investigate-alleged-match-fixingspot-fixing-attempts/ that the pitcher arrested in Korea, Seong-Hyeon Kim walked a batter in the first inning of a game twice and received 3M won for each action.  Those that bet that there would be a walk in that inning would win the bet.

http://www.mykbo.net/KBO_news reports the player name as Sung-hyun Kim.  Whatever the correct derivation of his name the news reports that he is a pitcher for the LG Twins.  The numbers for Sung-hyun Kim on the LG Twins was 4-9, 5.43.  More importantly, his walk to ratio was 67 to 68.  In the United States we would rate this pitcher’s success rate as pretty poor.  In Korea they may suspect that perhaps this pitcher is walking too many batters in particular innings to accomodate Korean gamblers.

So in the KBO they will be watching their pitchers walk to K ratio a little closer now, but it will be in a completely different context as we do here in the United States.  There are some other pitchers on that LG Twins team that have some pretty suspicous walk to K ratios, at least when compared to other pitchers on the team.

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