Foreigners in the CPBL

Taiwan allows their four professional teams to use three import players. They do not have a rule that limits the number of pitchers or hitters in that three import player rule. Because AAA and AA pitchers are more talented than the Taiwan arms the import players have all been pitchers for the last four or five years. This stunts the development of the Taiwan arms. Myworld would like to see a break out of two to one like Korea if they want to develop future pitchers for international play.

Below are the foreign players for Taiwan:

LaMigo Monkeys

LHP - Darin Downs
RHP - Bruce Kern
RHP - Michael Nix

Darin Downs pitched for the Monkeys last year and the Lions the previous year. He got some major league time with the Tigers and Astros but once he found himself pitching in the Independent Leagues the CPBL did not seem so bad. Bruce got as high as AA but like Darin pitched for the Long Island Ducks. The Monkeys were familiar with him because of his two year stint with the China Trust Brothers in 2016 and 2017 where he never survived a complete season, despite a mid-90s fastball. Michael got as high as AAA in 2008 but has spent the rest of his career pitching in the Mexican Leagues or the Independent Leagues. The Monkeys found him pitching at Sugarland in the Atlantic League last year and signed him. He has also pitched for the Uni Lions.

Chinatrust Brothers

RHP Zack Segovia
RHP Mitch Lively
LHP Nick Additon

Nick pitched for the Brothers for two years but impressed the Korean team the Lotte Giants where he was sold for the remainder of the 2017 season. He did not impress enough for the Giants to keep him and the Brothers signed him for a return engagement. Nick got as high as AAA in his 11 minor league seasons. Mitch was pitching in the Mexican League the last two years, getting as high as AAA in his minor league career when the Brothers signed him. There was also a brief stint in the NPB Japanese League in 2015 with the Nippon Ham Fighters. ZacK had two years with the major leagues pitching for the Phillies (2007) and the Nationals (2009). He pitched for the LaMiga Monkeys the last two years and now finds himself with the Brothers for his third season in the CPBL.

Uni President Lions

RHP David Jose Martinez
RHP Josh Roenicke
LHP Ryan Verdugo

Josh is the son of major leaguer Gary. He pitched for four major league teams from 2008 to 2013. After that his time was spent in AAA and in 2017 he pitched in the Mexican League. Martinez pitched two seasons for the Astros in 2013-2014 but after the 2014 season spent the remainder of his career in AAA. Ryan pitched for the Royals in 2012 but his last two years have been spent in the Mexican League. All three pitchers are new to the CPBL.

Fubon Guardians

RHP Bryan Woodall
RHP Bruce Billings
RHP Mike Loree

Bryan got as far AAA in his seven year minor league career. The Brothers found him pitching in the Atlantic League for Lancaster in 2015 where he was in his second year. Last year Bryan made the CPBL All Star team for the Chinatrust Brothers but they chose not to resign him, opening the door for the Guardians. This is his fourth year in the CPBL. Bruce pitched a couple years in the major leagues with the Rockies (2011), Athletics (2011) and Yankees (2014), only making five bullpen appearances. He last pitched in AAA in 2015 where the Lions discovered him. He pitched the last two years (2016 and 2017) for the Lions. Mike never got past AA in the minor leagues and was discovered at Long Island by the Monkeys. He began his Taiwan career in 2012, winning the Triple Crown in 2015 and 2017. This would be his sixth season pitching in Taiwan, his second with the Guardians after pitching for them last year.

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