Olympic Qualifying Tournaments

Only six countries will be eligible to play in the Olympics in Tokyo in 2020. One of them will be Japan since they are the host country. The other five teams will be determined from these tournaments:

Premier 12 in November 2019 - The WBSC top 12 ranked countries compete. The Top Finisher from the Americas and the Top Finisher from Asia (excluding Japan) will advance to Tokyo.

Africa/Europe Qualifier in TBD 2019 - Six teams, the top five finishers from the European Baseball Championships and the winner of the African Baseball Championship/Qualifier 2019 will compete. The winner of this tournament will advance.

Americas Qualifier in TBD 2019 - Eight teams would compete from the Premier 12, excluding the top finisher from the Americas. Currently seven teams would be eligible so the eighth team would be the winner of the Pan American Games 2019. I’m assuming if that winner was one of the seven teams already eligible they would drop down to the second place, third place or fourth place finisher until they found an eligible country. If only six teams from the Americas are ranked in the Top 12 perhaps they will select two teams from the Pan American Games?

Intercontinental Qualifier in TBD 2019 - A six team tournament that would include 1) 2nd place finisher from Europe/Africa, 2) 2nd and 3rd place finishers from Americas, 3) Top two finishers from the Asia championships who have not already qualified for the Olympics, 4) Winner of the Oceania Qualifier 2019. The winner of this tournament would earn a spot in the Olympics.

Interesting the World Baseball Classic will have no bearing on the Olympic qualifiers.

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